数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“PID 产品交互构思”是一个横跨产品设计、交互设计、心理学和计算机科学等多学科交叉融合的团队。我们秉持以用户为中心的设计理念,强调用户体验,从用户需求和痛点出发,以业务逻辑为主线,严格遵循设计规范,并充分考虑并完善不同场景和操作带来的交互体验。

LinkCM PID (Product Interactive Design) team has experts from various domain, includes product design, UI psychology and IT etc. We believe customer first and customer experience is our highest priority, all design are based on customer requirement and pain point, business flow is the main track. Our design not only rigorously design rules but also consider user experience at different scenarios.


数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“ADC 美术设计创意”是由专业的美术、设计和创意人员组成的团队,从灵感创意到原画创作,从三维建模到贴图制作,从动作设计到特殊效果,从场景构建到图标设计,从色彩甄别到平面设计,我们的创意设计持续得到用户的高度认可。

LinkCM ADC (Art Design Creative) team has experts who are the best of art, design and creative area. From creative inspiration to painting creation, from the 3D modeling to texturing, from action design to special effects, from scene construction to icon design, from color discrimination to graphic design and creative design, we continue to get the user's highly recognition.


数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“DPI 4G信令实时分析”,采用采用Hadoop/Spark/HBase大数据技术,实现分布式的并行处理,多源数据整合,海量数据秒级处理。

LinkCM "4G DPI signaling real-time analysis", using the Hadoop / Spark / HBase big data technology, distributed parallel processing, multi-source data integration, massive data second level processing.


数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“VBS 虚拟化行为模拟”,通过虚拟化软件模拟用户对APP及网站的操作,对用户模拟的行为及数据进行实时解析,实现相关的信息采集、统计和分析应用。

LinkCM ”VBS Virtual Behaviors Simulation", user behaviors can be simulated by VBS for various APP and web site, simulation result of users of app and website operation will be recorded for real-time user behavior analysis, related data can be used for further statistic, analysis and data mining.


数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“HCA 高并发访问”,针对大访问量、高并发的情况,数鹏通发布了HCA的方法论和系统架构,主要围绕系统架构按照高内聚、低耦合的原则,围绕解耦化,服务化以及缓存化的思路,整体做到水平扩展,从而支撑海量访问。

LinkCM “HCA High Concurrent Access”, to handle the large quantity and high concurrency pressure, LinkCM released the HCA methodology and system architecture, the system architecture design will align with the principles of high cohesion and low coupling, decoupling, micro services, as well as cache concept, overall do horizontal expansion, thereby supporting the huge traffic.


数鹏通(LinkCM)科技“PCF 并行计算框架”,用多个处理器来协同求解同一问题,即将被求解的问题分解成若干个部分,各部分均由一个独立的处理机来并行计算。一次可执行多个指令的算法,目的是提高计算速度,及通过扩大问题求解规模,解决大型而复杂的计算问题。

LinkCM ”PCF Parallel Computing Framework", with multiple processors to solve the same problem, the problem is decomposed into several parts, and each part is calculated by an independent processor. An algorithm that can execute multiple instructions in order to improve the computation speed, and solve the problem of large and complicated computation by expanding the scale of the problem solving.